Our Mission

Here at match we have just one simple mission: to help people find love. We believe that love is the most important thing in the world. That’s why we spend large parts of waking days and sometimes sleepless nights thinking about, talking about, worrying about and getting excited about love in equal measures.

We think butterflies were invented to let us know when it was happening. That’s the ‘match moment’. Hearing about moments like those are why we come into work every day – to bring people together. To match them.

After ten years in online dating, and more successful matches than we can count, we know a little bit about what makes successful relationships work. No one will ever have all the answers – that’s what makes human beings so endlessly fascinating.

The truth is that the best relationships are those where you never stop working to make them better; and that’s what we’re doing with our dating service, every day. Working to make our relationship with you stronger, more honest, more open. By doing that, we make it more likely for you to create a new relationship that brings meaning and depth to your life.

With our dating experience and complete commitment to helping you in your search, we believe we can help you start your love story. Just register for free to start your online dating journey with us.

With match.com, you can be sure that there’s no one more dedicated to serving the needs of our entire dating community, giving you the best possible chance of finding love online. We’re waiting to put our unrivalled knowledge into making your move into online dating a positive step forward for the future.



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